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Importance of Early Intervention

This blog post was originally published on The Safeguarding Company website >> https://www.thesafeguardingcompany.com/resources/blog/early-intervention/ IMPORTANCE OF EARLY INTERVENTION IN SAFEGUARDING WHAT IS EARLY INTERVENTION? Early Intervention is vital in the safeguarding of children, young people and vulnerable adults. In a time of shrinking budgets and increasing demand, early intervention promotes welfare, safety, development and societal stability at a huge cost sav

Early Intervention and Prevention: Compulsive Exercise and Eating Disorders

EARLY INTERVENTION AND PREVENTION: COMPULSIVE EXERCISE AND EATING DISORDERS What happens when friendly competition between peers becomes damaging? Or when a healthy amount of exercise becomes compulsive and harmful? This blog will cover the definition of compulsive exercise, signs to look out for and risk factors that come with over-exercising. Remember to book your place for our webinar with eating disorder coach Jenny Tomei for information on helping those suffering from over-exercising.

Spotting Early Signs of Abuse

SPOTTING EARLY SIGNS OF ABUSE As teachers, it is vital you are able to spot the early signs of abuse, especially when it comes to intervention and putting in place the steps to help the child or children in need. This blog will cover some of the early signs of abuse as well as how a digital recording system is key to reporting and managing any wellbeing or safeguarding concerns you may have. BEHAVIOUR CHANGES  One of the biggest indicators that something is going on in a child’s l
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