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Features of our Community!

Vikkey Chaffe




In this blog we discuss the features of our upcoming Safeguarding Community; a safe space we have created that allows everyone involved in safeguarding to seek help and support as well as share best practice and resources. This community will be launching at the end of January 2022.


We are so excited to be able to tell you about some of the most amazing features of our community! We believe in the power of peer to peer support and have invested in a platform that is as safe as we can make it and with it some incredible features. 


We have created a room that is for the more delicate or sensitive concerns. All posts in this room are automatically anonymised and you can choose to respond to any of these posts anonymously as well. This was a really important feature for us because we understand the need for confidentiality but also the need to be able to ask for support and advice. As with all rooms, it will be monitored by the Admin team and they are the only people who can see who has posted. This was important because if we need to contact the poster (for confidentiality concerns), we need to know who the poster was. 


We are going to have several rooms to allow our members to be able to ask the right questions in the right places. The Staff Room is going to be exactly that, a room for professionals to ask questions, offer advice or just to have a vent! The International Room is for all of your questions regarding international safeguarding. As the community grows and the needs of our users grow, we can have as many different rooms as we need. The ability to grow and manipulate the community to fit the needs of our users was extremely important to us. 


We want you to be able to share your good practices and resources with others so we have made sure that the community has a place to share and download resources, create and read blogs and to share pictures of great displays, calm spaces or workshops! 


You will be able to make your own profile, where you can share your roles and responsibility, very similar to LinkedIn. You can also earn badges so that other members can see what your rank is, from Rookie to Expert! 

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