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Our New Community!

Vikkey Chaffe



We are very excited to announce that January will be the launch of a brand-new community for safeguarding leads! Our Head of Community Relations Vikkey Chaffe, sat down with us to explain why a community like this is so important to support safeguarding leads.


As an Advanced Skills Teacher, I learnt that sharing best practice, offering support and having somewhere to ask for support is crucial. This led me to create Primary School Leaders, a community for leaders in primary education, whatever your level.  

As a DSL, I was desperate for a community like this, that was a safe place for safeguarding leads, whatever the sector, to connect, support each other and share best practice. Sadly, I couldn’t find a place that would keep confidentiality while offering a much-needed place to ask for support. Until now! 

I couldn’t be any happier to announce, that very soon, we will be launching The Safeguarding Community! 

We care very much about the people who serve to keep our children, young people and vulnerable adults safe. To reflect that this community is open to everyone involved in safeguarding, even if you are not a customer of ours. We truly believe that giving safeguarding leads a safe place to communicate will make a significant difference in your wellbeing. 

The Safeguarding Community brings several features, including, general discussion board, for everyone to talk about anything safeguarding, such as policies, safer recruitment, etc. We will also have an ROI, USA and International room. Our ‘Safe Space’ is a room where you can only post anonymously and also answer anonymously if you choose to, important for those more sensitive subjects!    

We'll be sharing legislation and guidance from relevant governing bodies and associations as well as Q&A sessions with experts across all sectors. We will have free resources and blogs but above all, the ability to connect with other safeguarding leads! You will be able to share resources and search for files, and we will produce videos about how to use the community so you immediately feel confident in the area. 

We believe in the power of a community so much so we have invested in a platform that will be connected to our website, so you can be sure of its safety! 

The launch of The Safeguarding Community will be in January but there is a register your interest form so that you will be sent an email when we are live! 

I can’t wait to connect with you all in The Safeguarding Community! 

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