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Introducing MyPlace!

Kelly Ofasi



This blog post was originally published on The Safeguarding Company website >> https://www.thesafeguardingcompany.com/resources/blog/introducing-myplace/


MyPlace is a brand new online place to share resources and calendars along with multiple chat rooms to communicate with members of staff across your organisation


MyPlace is a designated place to share resources and calendars along with multiple chat rooms to enable safeguarding leads and other practitioners to communicate effectively across their organisation. 


MyPlace is an extension of, and sits within, our Safeguarding Community, which currently has almost 5000 active members. This is a free and secure platform where you can raise questions, share best practice, and discuss safeguarding issues with other ‘Safeguardians’. As well as our friendly Staff Room, where you can chat with other users, you’ll also find the Safe Room, a safe space where you can anonymously discuss more sensitive Safeguarding subjects.  


Providing a safe space like MyPlace for your team to share resources and communicate safely can enhance your safeguarding culture and allows safeguarding leads and other practitioners to network effectively with colleagues in one central place. 

Our Head of Community Relations Vickey Chaffe who has overseen the roll-out of MyPlace says “We know how challenging it is to be able to speak to your safeguarding leads in a central, safe place. MyPlace not only allows you to do that but gives you the chance to share calendars and resources so good practice is shared throughout your organisation!”


We care enormously for the people who serve to keep our children, young people, and vulnerable adults safe, which is why we created MyPlace! We understand how challenging and demanding safeguarding can be, and how crucial it is to maintain your own health and wellbeing. MyPlace offers safeguarding practitioners a safe space to share information and resources and an opportunity to chat about any issues they might have. Talking about the challenges opens up conversations that can help others understand the responsibility safeguarders face day-to-day and the unique challenges they are up against.


"We are delighted to be able to launch 'MyPlace' as part of our Safeguarding Community. It's vitally important that safeguarding practitioners are able to come together to share good practice and connect with each other. 'MyPlace' will allow groups of safeguarders to do exactly that - a secure online environment which brings people together in their own private space to network and access valuable safeguarding resources" - Mike Glanville Chief Safeguarding Officer, The Safeguarding Company


Find our more about MyPlace and get your own MyPlace!

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